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Who will win the A.L. East ?

The yanks load up on pitching, the Red Sox dont do much , the Rays are looking strong and the Jays could be ready to contend.

My thoughts ???

The 2012 Jays will contend for the Wild Card with the Yankees unfortunately dominating the AL East.
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Posted on: October 6, 2010 9:39 pm

October Magic!

This is the story of one of the greatest ball players in recent history. Oh well Wait a minute. This is the story of arguably one one the best pitchers of his era. He has been compared to many of the finesse smart type pitching greats like Greg Maddux. If you havent guessed . .  .

Oh Wait maybe you wanna guess.

Who am I talking about?

Ill give you three guesses.

Allright Ill end the suspense. Im talking about Cliff Lee. No No I am not. Though I am not discounting the former Phillies starter that led their team to the World Series. Of course we are talking the Doc. Roy Halladay.

Roy Halladay from a very young age was destined for greatness. His family believed in him right from the start. They showed this by specifically buying a home with enough space in the basement to accomodate a full length pitching mound and batters box. He was setup with a baseball guru to groom him and turn his talents into greatness.

He toiled in Toronto for over a decade carrying a ballclub through multiple rebuilds and roster shuffles. He was the cornerstone for a Blue Jays ballclub that never could cut the mustard.

After being traded to the Phillies in the offseason he now finds himself in an envious as well as precarious position. Can he  and a well built Phillies team take home the hardware?  With a NL leading run to the postseason he proving he is the man do just that.

In Game 1 of the NLDs he pitched a No Hitter the first since the 50s he was one walk away from the perfect game. An amazing performance even for a man with such qualifications.

In Closing the 2010 MLB playoffs started off with a bang, One of epic perportions.

I am going to go on the record now and announce my faith in Roy and this ballclub to take home the championship.

It is bittersweet as a Toronto fan but with that said I am rooting for him all the way!

Congrats Roy as well as the Phillies and hopefully this win was just a stepping stone to a World Series Championship!

Posted on: September 14, 2010 11:09 pm

The story of Baseball in Toronto Part 1

I am not the type of guy to harp on a guy for now good reason. Nor am I the person to point fingers when things go wrong for a good team.

I try to sit back and think of factors, look at stats and make sure I watch enough games and listen to enough opinions to form a solid feeling from my friends in the baseball world to put something on paper. Though rather irrelevant I will write it none the less.

The Toronto Blue Jays? Heard of them? Obviously right? Thats right they had some pretty good teams back in the early 90s. The city of Toronto in case you are not familiar is located at the northwestern shore of the mighty Lake Ontario. It has a population of over 5.5 million people according to the last census. Toronto is also the provincial capital of Ontario. Ontario is an economic power just to the south of michigan and ohio among other norther U.S. states. The Toronto Blue Jays are the last remaining MLB team in all of Canada. R.I.P. Montreal Expos now known as the Washington Nationals.

According to the Blue Jays rank 25th in baseball in overall attendance and of course in case you didnt know baseball has 30 teams in total in both leagues. We have averaged again according to 22,739 per game this season. I have been to the Rogers Centre many times, at one time I actually was a seasons tickets holder. Of course then I was attending the Skydome and watching a team owned by if Im not mistaken the Labatts Corporation.  If you have ever drank beer they are without a doubt a power in the monstrous business world of beer production. For reason unknown, and if I had researched a lttile bit deeper I could likely tell you. I will lean in opinion towards needing capital to fund a major merger with Anheuser Busch, Labatts sold the Blue Jays along with the Skydome to to Ted Rogers.

Rogers of course the founder of a major media empire he started the company well known to us in Ontario as Rogers Cable. At one time many counted out Rogers and myself included figured them to be headed towards a painful decline with the intrduction of satelite television systems such as DirecTV and Bell ExpressVu, Through the rubble Rogers emerged victorious with a impressive repetoire of business offerings such as Rogers Wireless and Internet. After all is said and done Rogers controlled an impressive share of the Ontario Cable market as well as an ever expanding share of the voice and broadband share of the market.

Ted Rogers played a major role in the sucess of the once prosperous Toronto Blue Jays of the A.L. East. In the early 90s they fielded teams stacked with talented boosted by a solid fan base.In 1993 prior to the now fabled MLB players stike of 1994 the jays were averaging an average attendance of 50k. As I stated earlier the average crowd at a 2010 jays game is not quite 23 thousand. If you out 2 and 2 together the team with half the attendance it once received cannot compete with the big boys.

 When I say big boys we all know who I am eluding to obviosly the likes of the mighty Red Sox and the ever cash rich New York Yankees. Ted now a media mogul believed he make the jays a success by giving then GM J.P. Ricciarda large leash to sign big contracts and reel in big name free agents,  During that period in the late 90s the Jays signed big name talent at the time such as the now downtrodden Roger Clemens who would go on to win two Cy Young with Toronto to A.J. Burnett, B.J. Ryan and big contracts for players like Alex Rios and Vernon Wells.

The jays contended every year they flirted with a .500 baseball team and for brief flashes showed they could contend with the big powers in baseball e.g. Yankees and Red Sox. Never though did they ever get anywhere with these teams. Obviously when being in an Elite division you had to produce elite ballclubs.  The attendance in the early 90s were the result of a new ball park(state of the art at the time) and good teams e.g. 92 ans 93 World Series Champs. At  the time of the reallignment in the MLB the commissioner changed baseball by making each league a three division league. No longer was there only an A.L or N.L championship only prior to the World Series but there was a divisional series with a wild card team in a prior round vying for the crown.

Though the change in structure was welcome it was also a problem for our Toronto Blue Jays. The jays were put in the elite A.L. East. and this is basically where I have an issue. Why are the lowly and may i remind you only Canadian baseball team put in an elite divison? I guess when you think about it, its not a huge suprise. Where would Bud Selig place the Blue Jays on a list of his priorities?

It laughable, We all know that baseball is ultimately business. Teams have to make money. Big demographics mean big sales of not only tickets who at one time were the priority. Tickets are no longer the priority. I am not for a second saying that attendance doesnt matter, It is ultimately a teams bread and butter. Thats was then, this is now. Much more important now are a teams tv draw and merchandise sales. I am not Bud Selig. I do not know and will not pretend to know what data he see pass over his desk. With that said he will obviously know what is good for baseball dollars wise.

If we do not to see our one and only Canadian baseball team fade into obscurity we need to take action. Toronto does not have the national appeal of the Yankess. We do not have the broadcast viewership that gives us the power to call the shots in the A.L east. Our Blue Jays are no longer owned by the head of a corporation that can spend money at will just to see them win. Ted Rogers is gone and god rest is sould is no longer in control. At this point the Blue Jays are under control of a board of directors who are looking out for the bottom line of the Rogers corporation. What we are looking out for ultimately as fan are a continued  quality team hitting the field in Toronto,  If u are asking me I say Re Alignment Part 2 increase the MLB playoffs to 3 rounds, with second place teams also making the playoffs. That giving the Jays a faint chance of making the playoffs. Also I say move the Jays to the A.L. Central. Until then hang in there Blue Jays fans keep showin up, keep buying their merch and protest. Protect our team Show them Your Care send letters and emails to the commissioners office!Until later! Dont even get me started on the whole Bell vs Rogers rivarly that is robbing us of our god given right of watching our Jays!

Until then Jays Fans!

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Posted on: July 18, 2010 5:18 pm

The Beast of the Central has been awakened.

We all know that the south siders have been hot. So hot in fact that I am hearing praise from people who were counting them for dead back in May. To be completely honest I was so down in the mouth about this club. I was irritated what I saw was this team that was well rounded loaded with talent and completely imploding before my eyes. I just couldnt figure it out. Prior to the season I truly believed this would be a great season for the good guys.

The Sox GM Ken Williams is a very smart man and arguably one of the best GMs in the game. The additions of Alex Rios of waivers from the Jays has been a godsend. I questioned it because of his performance in T.O. maybe he just needed a change of scenery or escape from the shadow of Vernon Wells.

I  questioned the move to get Mark Teahen but the Vizquel pickup has proved huge.

Juan Pierre is leading the league with 32 stolen bases and looking like the leadoff hitting the Sox truly needed.

The Putz signing is proving huge as he his on a tear. I think as it stands he has something like 20 plus scoreless innings pitched. He has been lights out. In 34.2 innings pitched he is 5-2 with a miniscule 1.56 era and 40 Ks with only 6 walks.

The White Sox bullpen is about as good as it get when you pair Putz with Thornton not to mention the upstart Sergio Santos who has only been a pitcher for a little more than a year but is looking like the Natural. In 28.2 innings he is posting a 1.88 era with 32 Ks. Throw in Linebrink and you have a bullpen with strong power arms. That will help them down the stretch.

This team has alot of promise and is showing the league they mean business. Sox fans have alot to cheer about and I think this well rounded team has as good a shot as any to take the A.L. crown.

Posted on: September 25, 2009 12:42 am

How to Get Their Heads in The Game?

It is virtually every young mans dream to grow up and play professional sports. The perfect job with all the perks. They have it all.

 I know in many ways we all find it difficult to muster up the motvation to give 100% everyday. I dont know what it is but there really is too many players that simply are going through the motions to get through the season. It is easy to sit at home and crticize some of the players actions and the way the go about playing their respective game and lack of passion.

Major League Baseball is a smericas sport our pastime. 162 games where we watch these millionaries playing ball and I think more than ever a bad attitude can haunt a clubhouse and negativity can spread like a plague.  Im thinking we have to adapt with the times and help these men deal with the media, the fans, the pressure and everything else that challenges them. I would say besides coaches these men need therapists to help them cope. That is just simply my thoughts I may be way off base but I just am trying to justify the effort many of todays stars are showing out on the field.
I would likely  be distracted too.  What is the incentive to Overachieve?

It doesnt matter how you play you will be admired. As long as you get the odd hit and make that catch you are fine. I dont want to name names but there are few players that come to mind. All the talent none of the passion.

Just to clear my head here are a couple of guys of are prime examples of wasted talents with poor attitudes. The kinda guys the party all night and are just putting in time.

Alex Rios
Vernon Wells
B.J. Upton
Bobby Jenks
A.J. Burnett
Bartolo Colon
Josh Fields
Alfonso Soriano
Juan Pierre

Whenever you go out you are swarmed with people just wanting to catch a glimpse of you. When you go to the club you are surrounded by the most beautiful women this world has to offer and they are throwing themselves at you. You have the resources to party all day, live it up as long you show up and make an appearance you get paid.

Along with therapists I think that all salaries should all be performance based. If you hit .300 you get x number of dollars etc. Incentives to help these guys get motivated.

These are just my thoughts I would be happy to get yours. If you feel that I have accused someone who doessnt deserve it I would be happy to get your opinon.
Posted on: August 1, 2009 12:08 pm

The Jays Move Rolen

When I first got wind up of a trade rumour coming out of the Jays camp my ears quickly perked up.  We were all hoping for the move that would bolster our offense and possibly cut payroll. The Jays achieved one they cut payroll. They did so by moving team catalyst Scott Rolen.

We picked up Edwin Encarnacion, Josh Roenicke and a minor leaguer.  This move left me shaking my head.  I know there is some personal issues that Rolen has mentioned recently. Rolen wanted to be closer to home and you cant blame him for that. 

Lets Break Down How this Trade Went.

Jays Send

A proven reliable Third basemen in exchange for a trio of unproven players including Encarnacion who hasnt exactly been known as a solid hitter or fielder with over 20 errors in each of the last two seasons. His batting average is also dismal barely topping .200  

The trade we all were hoping for was any move involving Vernon Wells, Alex Rios or Lyle Overbay.

With this move it is obvious the Jays are continuing to dump salaries with the release of B.J. Ryan and David Delucci. I just think if we are going to revamp the team we have an excellent core. We need to take the hit and at minimum dump Wells and Overbay. We can bring Travis Snider back up and he can cover first if need be.

At least we didnt move the Doc. I am looking at the upside!

Posted on: May 27, 2009 2:01 am

The 2009 Jays! Early Assessment

 I just wanted to talk about the overall lineup chemistry and definite future of this team . The defense and hitting are definately working well early and we have some real suprises from the Jays farm system as far as pitching that have easily filled the gap left by injuries to McGowan, Litsch, Marcum, and Janssen.

We have promising young arms like Romero, Richmond and Tallet that are really showing strong promise.  Of course we always have the leagues best pitcher Doc. We have questions about a closer with Ryan not looking good but I expect
for Downs to fill that gap.

They have an very solid outfield with young stars like Lind and Snider fitting exceptionally well with established names like Wells and Rios. Early last season I was wondering if allowing Reed Johnson to walk would be a mistake but if I brought that up today alot of folks would likely reply Reed Who? T

Travis Snider looks like he could be the next big star with obvious pure hitting talent and Adam Lind is coming through with better than expected numbers. Though as of late he has cooled off and has been sent down.
Which leads me to wonder if we could deal Vernon Wells to make room to have Snider start everyday.

The infield has not only been very solid but exceptional with great contributions from veterans Scutaro, Roland, and Overbay. It is also great to see Aaron Hill rebounding from last years disappointing injury shortened season. Aaron is at the top of the league in batting statistics.

I do not want to jump the gun on this but I really feel this team has the right blend of youth and experience that could make this team a 90+ game winner. Look for our new suddenly strong hitting Blue Jays to contend for the A.L. East crown. With the return of McGowan and Romero I cant help but be excited about this team.

As of late of blazing out of the gate they have struggled with a fairly substantial losing skid but they will get through it and hopefully come out stronger.

Do you think they can contend are the Jays this years Rays?

Posted on: May 27, 2009 1:54 am

Baseball and The Economy!

Baseballs Boom Era

In many ways the last ten years in baseball has been booming with attendance hitting all time highs and records being broken more often than we ever imagined. It makes me draw comparisons to our economy and the way it was artificially inflated by credit. The bubble has burst and those who were flying high with credit maxed out are very much like some of our superstars like Clemens and Bonds just to name a few. People that seemed to be on top of the world with everything are exposed and the veil has fallen.

The End For So Many

It is becoming more and more apparent that the big names who have gave us countless exciting moments over the years were cheaters.  This season is a gigantic turning point and a changing of the guard. What we are witnessing this season the fall of so many big name stars into obscurity. This season big name guys mysteriously are not performing? If you can put two and two together it is obvious.  We could name names but we all know who they are.

Natural Progression?

I could be wrong however it could be age but It hurts me to see the game we all love tainted by those. We can all understand why they did it. Big numbers on the field mean big money. Lets face it who didnt love the Home Run battles in recent memory between McGwire, Sosa amd Bonds. I love the home runs everyone does. It is a controversial issue but I would argue that Steroids were encouraged not discouraged. I know I could get myself in some trouble here but I can only guess the urge for increased steroid use came right from the top. I wouldnt be surprised if top league brass were the ones at the fore front of pushing these substances. I love this game and want to it to succeed. After the strike the game was dying and this era revived it in a way. Would all of us come back in droves like we did if not for the home run wars?

Did You Enjoy The Ride?

I guess the big question is are you okay with it? Did you enjoy the big numbers? It is something that all baseball purists immediately scorn but I am not gonna lie I enjoyed the ride. We want to have an even playing field with those who played in years past for the record books to be fair and true.  We also want huge bombs 100 mile an hour fastballs and our players come back quickly from injuries. I want to see our heroes last longer and continue to perform into their late 30s early 40s. We also want purity so in the end I guess I would have to side with a clean game.

Will Clean Baseball Survive?

This year we finally have a clean game and it is showing up early. I am excited for all the young talent that is starting to shine and we will put this all in the past. We have learned that these substances destroy our heroes. We now have a new generation of men who likey will not come close to many of the records set in the last decade. Will this new toned down version of baseball survive in todays world. People want action excitement and for so many baseball is something that they cant even bare to watch without breaking out into an extended yawn before their eyes get heavy and they drift off into snoozle land. Myself however is not like that and will always love this game.  Salaries have gone out of control again and I think we really need to bring them back to be in line with the new REAL economic realities.

We Have Bottomed?

We can no longer live beyond our means and we no longer will see men who can almost effortlessly jack a ball 450 feet. We now are seeing who we really are and who these players really are. All is know is those who cannot learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.  We are people and in so many ways weak because we are so. We will move on. The world will move on and baseball will move on. Lets just keep our feet on the ground and enjoy this new game and do our best to survive in this economic reality. We need to look back on our ancestors and see that more hard work and training never resulted in negative results. They will have to find new ways to use their natural talents and we all should put a little money away for that rainy day because we know it will come and next time we will be prepared.

I am looking for any thoughts on whether you feel that baseball has turned a corner and if you think your local team is weathering the storm. Also I would love to hear from anyone on where they feel the state of the economy is and if you feel that we have bottomed or is there alot more work to do before things will look up? 
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